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RBA cuts interest rates to 0.75%:
why, and what will the effect be?

Before Septmber 19, a third rate cut wasn’t expected until early 2020. What changed so quickly? Predictions of a potential October interest rate cut jumped

Will we see negative interest rates in Australia?

What are negative interest rates? Negative interest rates theoretically make taking out credit cheaper than using or keeping cash. Although it sounds counterintuitive, it would
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APRA changes to home loan serviceability requirements

Not only did the beginning of July see a rate cut for a second month in a row, but also the relaxation of APRA’s mandatory
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Banks respond to consecutive rate cuts

Understand where you bank stands In June and July 2019 we saw two consecutive rate cuts to take rates to a record low of 1.00%.
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RBA cuts interest rates

For the second consecutive month the RBA has cut interest rates by 0.25% to reach a record low of 1%. But with another fall predicted
Equipment Loan Checklist
Business Tips, Equipment Finance, Small Business

Equipment Loan Approval Checklist

We’ve compiled a handy equipment loan checklist for the most common types of documentation and what you need to do with them to fast-track your
vehicle loan approval checklist
Business Tips, Car Finance, Personal Finance

Vehicle Finance Approval Checklist

Whether you’re considering a new or used vehicle, as a business or individual, we’ve compiled a handy vehicle finance approval checklist to the most common
Calculating when a business loan is the right move for your business
Business Loans, Business Tips, Small Business

How to calculate if a business loan is the right move

Business opportunities pop up when you least expect it; that fantastic bulk-buy discount on stock that you know flies out the door, an offer of