How to calculate if a business loan is the right move

Business opportunities pop up when you least expect it; that fantastic bulk-buy discount on stock that you know flies out the door, an offer of a partnership with a big-name brand, the too-good-to-be-true EOFY sale on that delivery van you’ve been eyeing off for months.

It’s hard to predict what sort of opportunities will come along as your business grows. Often big opportunities come with an upfront investment and, being an opportunity, it’s probably something you didn’t factor into your cash flow forecasting or budgeting. That means you’re looking at either compromising your cash flow or having to give up the opportunity for lack of an upfront lump sum.

The first thing that may come to mind is a business loan. It’s a common concern that a business loan will cost you money, but this is where return on investment kicks in:

Take Andrew. He owns a carpet laying and retail business and has the opportunity to bulk-buy carpet at a 40% discount when paid upfront and within a week, costing him $100,000 in total with a resale value of $300,000. The bank can’t help as it will take longer than this to approve his loan. Instead, FundingPro helps Andrew compare 70+ lenders with one application from which they secure him a $100,000 loan with a specialised small business lender including terms that are tailored to his business needs and budget. The cost of the loan will be $11,000, so over the life of the loan he will repay $111,000 in regular fixed repayments. In this case, Andrew’s net profit it $300,000 (value) – $100,000 (investment) – $11,000 (loan costs) = $189,000 (profit).

For Andrew, it’s a smart business decision to take out a business loan in order to take advantage of a time-sensitive, profit-driving opportunity. His funds are available in 24 hours and he knows he has support from his FundingPro specialist for the life of the loan.

There’s nothing more frustrating that an opportunity you couldn’t take advantage of because you didn’t have the funds – it’s the ‘one that got away’. However, by using this simple return-on-investment sum you can know how your business looks to gain from any given opportunity and understand that you need never miss an opportunity due to lack of funds or limited cash flow again. To chat to a business finance specialist about your next opportunity, call FundingPro on 1300 898 765 or visit

*In the lead up to June 30 2019, don’t forget to take advantage of the Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme. Instantly claim deductions for depreciating assets worth up to $30,000 if purchased after 3rd April 2019, including interest payments on your business loan for which you can pre-pay and claim interest up to 12 months in advance.