Good time management; a five step refresher

As a small business owner, you know that time is your greatest asset and good time management your greatest tool. All too often you’re bombarded with tasks and deadlines wondering where it will end. Use this five step refresher when you feel like you need to take control once again to ensure the smooth operation of your business:

5 steps to good time management

1. Start with specifically tracking your day

Before anything else, complete one day of time tracking. Begin with the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed. Choose a typical working day for you to time track.

2. Identify your biggest time wasters

After completing a whole day of time tracking you’ll see where you could spend more time and, more importantly, where your time is being wasted. Eliminate these time wasters and allocate that time to more important tasks.

3. Ensure staff are properly trained

Being able to delegate to your staff leaves more time for you to be an effective and efficient business owner. Ensure your staff are prepared and trained for the tasks that they have been delegated. If they require some upskilling invest some time into staff training.

Good time management for business owners

4. Limit your time with employees

Once your employees are well equipped with the right skills to effectively perform their job, try to leave them be. It may sound counterintuitive –  ’employee engagement’ is a popular buzzword – but as a small business owner with a broad range of duties, let supervisors take the lead on employee motivation.

Being too accessible and visible means that employees are more likely to request your time. Having an office or workspace slightly removed from the main work centre will allow you all space to breathe and be more productive. Of course you will want to remain approachable to your staff, but limiting visibility means you are less likely to be caught up in smaller issues.

5. Avoid “shiny object” syndrome

Finally, there will always be unnecessary distractions that will try to get your attention. There will be times where they may seem like a beneficial opportunity, however make sure you are effectively identifying which opportunities you can exploit, and which to avoid.

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