Invoice Finance

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Invoice Finance Summary

Invoice Finance allows you to use your unpaid invoices as security to borrow money for your business. Provided your business is invoicing other businesses or government organisations, and these invoices are outstanding, you can qualify for this type of finance.

Invoice Finance can be useful to help with cash-flow problems when your clients are slow to pay their invoices. It is also a relatively simple way to obtain finance. Invoice finance companies will want to have confidence that the invoices are sound, and while they may look at your credit report, they are not as concerned with how long your business has been established, your total revenue or your profitability.

There are two main types of Invoice Finance: Factoring and Invoice Discounting. The main difference between these two is that with factoring you have to finance all your invoices, and with invoice discounting you get to choose which invoice will be financed. The maximum amount you can borrow will depend on the total amount of outstanding invoices, and the financial strength and creditworthiness of the business that owes you money.


  • Get fast finance for new contracts
  • Your invoices act as security
  • Extend your payment periods


  • Invoice finance is short term
  • It is only suitable if your customers are other businesses
  • Invoice factoring may require lock-in contracts
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Invoice Finance Calculator

  • Loans against your outstanding invoices

  • Undisclosed options available

  • Rates from 0.5% per month

  • Same-day approvals

Outstanding Receivables

Advance Rate

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Receive up front: $480,000

90 days interest costs:

Minimum $14,400

Maximum $21,600

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How does Invoice Finance Work?

In Australia, Invoice Factoring is sometimes also known as Debtor Finance or Accounts Receivable Finance. It is a quick and easy way to get cash with no credit check and no need for collateral.

There are two main types of Invoice Finance: Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting. Here’s an explanation:

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring allows you to outsource your accounts receivable function so that you can focus on running your business.

It is suitable for all businesses and it can also suit those with little trading history.

With an Invoice Factoring contract, you will generally be required to enter into a contract for 12 months or more and will need to finance all of your invoices. You can generally receive up to 80% of each invoice when issued and you will be charged interest based on how long it takes your customers to pay. With Invoice Factoring, your customers will be notified, and the loan company will collect payments on your behalf.

Invoice Discounting

With Invoice Discounting, you will generally not be required to enter into any contract and you can pick and choose which invoice you finance. It’s more flexible, but…

…invoice discounting is most suitable to established businesses with good accounts receivable departments.

Like Invoice Factoring, you can generally receive up to 80% of each invoice when issued but the difference with Invoice Discounting is that you will be charged interest only on the invoices you choose to finance. Another difference is that your customers will not be notified, and you, rather than the loan company, will be required to collect payments from your customers.

Virtual Line of Credit

A relatively new development in the world of Invoice Finance is that you can obtain a virtual line of credit secured by your outstanding invoices. This revolving line of credit can be drawn down based on your total outstanding invoices at any point in time, rather than linked to the date of any one particular invoice. Typically, approval is made after an analysis of your invoice payment history, through reviewing your accounting software.


Documents required for Invoice Finance applications

Invoice Factoring

  • Copies of recent invoices
  • A list of debtors (the companies that owe you money)
  • Financial statements


Invoice Discounting

  • Copies of recent invoices
  • A list of debtors (the companies that owe you money)
  • A personal guarantee may be required


Do you qualify?

If you do not fit in to the qualification criteria, you may still qualify for a different type of business loan – and you can use the online prequalification tool to find out what types of business loans you are eligible for.

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We have answered some common questions from clients below.

  • What will my interest rate be?

    Your interest rate will depend on the term of your loan and your business trading history.

    For an indication of current rates, please see the table below.

    Loan PurposeInterest Rates From
    Unsecured Cashflow0.75% / Month
    Invoice Discounting / Factoring0.5% / Month
    Vehicle / Equipment Finance4.09% / Year
    Property Finance3.69% / Year
    OtherPlease Enquire


  • Who are your lenders?

    FundingPro have partnered with more than 70 lenders, both banks and non-bank specialist lenders. We carefully screen all lenders before adding them to our panel to ensure we only work with lenders that abide by responsible lending practices.

  • Will applying online affect my credit report?

    Making an online loan enquiry will not impact your credit report. If you decide to proceed with a full loan application lenders may require us to provide them with a copy of your credit report.

  • What does it cost to apply?

    Applying is free. If you take out a loan we will be paid a commission directly from the lender.

  • Do I qualify for a loan?

    We offer both mortgages & business loans, and the qualification criteria is based on the following:

    • Can you afford to make the repayments
    • Do you have enough security
    • Your credit history

    Most individuals & businesses will qualify for a loan. Your individual circumstances what type of loan, the rate you pay and how much you can borrow. To find out how much you qualify for, fill out an online loan enquiry.

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